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Anonymous said: I am one of your subscribers, minjungah is my name there. Hahaha! What can I say? I really really like, two-faced idol, and am bummed as hell whenever i don't see your fic in the new updates thing. Haha. But i totally understand you and i wish all the besties and all! I followed this blog because I want your shinee scenarios. Hahaha! More power and lotsa lotsa lotsa love!

Hi! ^^ Thank you! I’m flattered that you enjoy my fanfiction! >////<

I’m sorry for being a slow author! But thank you for supporting me!

Thankies Lovely♥♥♥♥



Anonymous said: Please please PLEASE write a smutty Onew fic next?! OMG I want to read one of him in the Draw Me series! :D

Lol. alright. I’ll try to think of something quick! ^^



Draw Me


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Hello Lovelies,

Sadly I have to inform you guys I won’t be able to update for a while because of my PC. My brother did something and so it screwed up; it’ll take a while for me to get it fixed. I’m super sorry! TT^TT



Anonymous said: hello! i want to make a request of a Key/You (or Reader) scenario! :) Two requests, if it's okay with you. One with fluff and a bit drama. then a smutty one! :-) thank you a lot! ♥

I’m so sorry! TT^TT I’m not taking requests at the moment.

Anonymous said: where do you keep that 'TWO-FACED IDOL" story? i want to read them badly~

Here is my fanfic Two Faced Idol

But here is my fanfics page :)



weirdisactuallyunique said: OMG! TWO FACED IDOL IS BY YOU??? Gurl! That is my favorite Minho smut fanfic EVER! Wait I'm totally putting two and two together right now cuz I can so see it in your writing styles and how you represent Minho and everything.. OMG JUST WHAT MIND IS BLOWN!

Lol yep! ^^ I wrote Two Faced Ido. OMG! Really?! THANK YOU!! I’m so happy that you like my story (I take joy if my readers like my stories lol >_____<)I never knew I even had a writing style! lol I wonder what it is! ^^ I love representing Minho with a darker side *shrugs* I find it kind of sexy and it’s easier to write is someone is antagonizing and hostile ^^

LMFAO!!! Thank you!!!!! ♥♥♥




Do you guys know how happy I am right now? :DDDDDDDD




Anonymous said: Do you have any other writings??? :OOOOOOOOOO

Yeah I do ^^ Check my Asianfanfics link above ^^

Anonymous said: Your scenarios are amazing! *o* <3

Awww thanks! ^^